The Isle of Capri

We woke up early on Saturday to meet our guide who was taking us on a tour of Capri.  After meeting up with her, we walked down to the marina where we were to catch they hydrofoil ferry that would take us to the island.  The boat ride on a hydrofoil is about 30 minutes or so.IMG_3014IMG_3017IMG_3018IMG_3019IMG_3020

Once we arrived at the island, the first thing we did was take the funicular up to the top.  This funicular is on a pulley system so the 2 cars pull each other up and down the mountain.  There is 1 spot on the trip where the cars pass each other!IMG_3022IMG_3023IMG_3024IMG_3025

Once we made it to the top, we had amazing views!  It was a bright, sunny day.IMG_3028IMG_3037

The clock tower in the town square.  IMG_3040

It was an awesome time to be there because the flowers were in full bloom and looking beautiful! IMG_3044

This place was a ruin-turned-high school!  There are 2 high schools on the island, and if the children don’t want to attend one of those, they have to move to the main land and attend school there.  Space on the island is at a premium because there is no more room to build anything. IMG_3064


We stopped by a factory where they make perfumes.  And Littlest decided she just HAD to have some!  She chose a pretty citrus scent.  IMG_3050IMG_3052IMG_3077IMG_3078IMG_3080

Continuing on our tour, we came to the Garden of August (Giardini Augusto). The grounds were just gorgeous.  IMG_3055IMG_3056IMG_3057IMG_3058IMG_3059IMG_3060IMG_3076

And the views were even more stunning!IMG_3061IMG_3062IMG_3073IMG_3075IMG_3070

The rock formation in the water behind us in the above picture is actually 3 separate rocks.  Boats are able to go between them.  On the 3rd furthest rock, is the only place (in the world supposedly) where these blue lizards live!IMG_3068

After touring the gardens, we walked through the very elegant and high end shopping district. IMG_3081IMG_3082IMG_3083IMG_3084

Yummy limoncello!!!  IMG_3047

Just check out this fashion!!  IMG_3146

Our next stop was to ride in a convertible vehicle further up the mountain to Anacapri via the Mama Mia Road!IMG_3095IMG_3171

Keep all hands and feet inside the vehicle!!IMG_3090

This is called the Mama Mia! Road….and for good reason!

Once we arrived in Anacapri, we took a single-person chair lift to the highest point on the island – 589 meters (1,932 feet) above sea level.  Oldest rode in front by herself, Littlest rode with MyMan, and I brought up the rear.  I thought I would be more nervous because of my fear of heights – but I wasn’t nervous at all, and thought it was great fun!IMG_3097IMG_3102IMG_3103

Some ruins dotted the landscape here and there…can you spot it?IMG_3107

The land was terraced and farm along much of the mountain side, and farmers were tending to their crops.IMG_3112IMG_3114IMG_3108

At the top, we walked around for a bit and just enjoyed the magnificent views.IMG_3120IMG_3122IMG_3123IMG_3125IMG_3126IMG_3117IMG_3065

Then we headed back down the mountain.IMG_3128IMG_3129

Once back down, we walked around the town of Anacapri enjoying the scenery, beautiful flowers and endless views of Capri down below.IMG_3151IMG_3156IMG_3149IMG_3154IMG_3161IMG_3166

Then we headed back down the mountain towards Capri for the rest of our tour.  We were supposed to go to the Blue Grotto, but it’s always a risk because it is only open about 1 day out of every 10 due to how the ocean is behaving.  The opening is approximately one meter high at the lowest point and two meters wide, and you have to time going in based on the waves!  This day, the ocean was NOT behaving (and hadn’t been for several days) and thus the Blue Grotto was closed because the opening was literally underwater!  So instead, our guide set it up for us to have a longer boat tour around the island.IMG_3174IMG_3178IMG_3180IMG_3181

And while we were not able to go into the Blue Grotto, we were able to see some other grottos!IMG_3194

There are some very talented skippers and captains to be able to get as close to these rocks as we were!


Green GrottaIMG_3209

Our guide had told us the best place to sit on the boat – and being first in line, we got the good seats!

We had a wonderful day on the Isle of Capri.  Stunning views from above and on the water.  Definitely would recommend going to Capri if you are planning on going to the Amalfi Coast!

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