It’s a Block Party!!

Our house was built in 2006, and most of the people who live on this street have been around since the beginning of the neighborhood.  They started having block parties back then as well.  So we were excited when they invited us to join them at their block party yesterday evening.  It ended up being a lot of fun!!

Everyone paid in to the party because they go to a local butcher shop (supposedly the best butcher in the area), and they have a bar with alcohol, as well as other food.  And the best part – it was set up right outside our house, so we didn’t have to go far!

They put out the tent and started getting ready.  They wouldn’t allow us to help with setting up because we were new, and “guests”.


It was a gorgeous day, nice and sunny with a nice breeze.  The party started around 6pm, and neighbors started gathering.


MyMan, the girls, and I went out and started meeting folks.  Everyone knew we were the new kids on the block, but not everyone knew we are American.  We meet almost everyone on our street, and a few people from a couple of other streets around us.

When they found out we were from Texas – they almost immediately said, “We know how steaks are in Texas…Please know they are not that big here!!”  We laughed, and told them we knew that, and were very much wanting to try the meat from this butcher shop we have been hearing such good things about.

Adult couples were given a plate full of raw, seasoned and marinated meats that consisted of steaks, marinated chicken kabobs, pork sausage, and a couple of hamburger patties.  The kids had their own hot dogs and burgers to eat.


Now, to be fair, up to this point, MyMan and I have very much enjoyed the chicken and pork we have eaten here.  But neither one of us have cared for the beef (made in any way).  But these patties and the steaks were actually quite good!!  We really enjoyed them.  There were a couple of grills set up and everyone BBQ’d their meats.

image image


And let’s not forget the sides too

image image

The kids all played together, riding scooters, playing with balls, and drawing with chalk.  Most of the younger kids don’t speak any English yet, but that doesn’t seem to be too much of a barrier when it comes to playing!

image image


Once the meat was cooked, socializing and drinking commenced!  It was fun hearing people speak in Dutch, and trying to figure out words.  And most of them would speak in English, so we felt included.


We had a really good time, and met some really nice neighbors.  And I think I found a babysitter we will try out too!  After many (many) glasses of wine, we ended up all calling it a night and headed home around 1:30am!!  So I would say that in end the end, it was extremely successful getting to know the neighbors, and makings some friends or 3.

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