Fun Filled Weekend Part 2 – Saturday

We knew MyMan would be at work all day Saturday helping out with his “Dag van de Chemie” day, and I was planning on taking the girls up there to tour his plant.  We have never been able to really “see” the plants in Houston due to safety concerns and security issues, understandably.

The Open Day at his current plant happens every 2 years.  They had volunteers from the work staff come and stay all day to work it.  They had vans that the visitors boarded, and they were taken all around the various parts of the plant and given a guided tour of what everything does.  It was really informative!!  They also had some games and experiments for the kids to enjoy.  The girls were able to make shampoo and toothpaste!  They got to see the process of how MyMan’s plant makes the little plastic beads and how they package them up and ship them off.

Back to MyMan’s plant.  His plant makes little plastic beads that can then be molded and colored to make any plastic part.  The plastic parts on your dash in your car?  Come from the kind of beads his plant makes.  The plastic beach shovel and toys that your kids play with in the summer?  Yep, that’s them.  This is what they look like in their original form.


Anyway, for security reasons, I couldn’t take any pictures inside the plant of the equipment or of the tour.  But I was able to get a few pics of the fantastic face paint job the girls received!!

thumb_DSC00079_1024   thumb_DSC00078_1024

image   image

Oldest seeing herself for the first time


And Littlest went with Elsa…the facepaint lady even French braided her hair to the side!


Once we were finished at the plant, it was still early in the afternoon, and I knew that our little village of Bavel was having a carnival going on the same day as well.  So I decided to take the girls since MyMan was still tied up at the plant until the evening.

The girls had a blast!  They ended up finding some friends they knew and just had a great time.  The carnival was for a 5K marathon that was going on in the village.  But there wasn’t any facepainting, so the girls definitely got some interesting looks while we were there!  They didn’t seem to notice, or mind if they did!

They had a LOT crammed into the little town square!  Midway with all sorts of games, rides, bumper cars, a fun house…The girls didn’t know where to start!

image  image

image  image

image  image

image  image

image  image

The Fun House!  They couldn’t seem to be able to stay on their feet!

image  image


And this was the main “big” ride:


But is it ironic to anyone else that this ride was butted up right next the church?  Just take a good, close look at the ride….

With the seats down….not so bad…


Then the seat go up…and this is what you see…


It just struck me as really funny!

It was a long and exhausting couple of days…but they were GREAT days!  And we all pretty much looked like this on Sunday!


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