Helping Out the Community

Every year MyMan’s work has a Global Car Day where volunteers from the company go out into the community and help cleanup an area in need.  The girls and I have almost always participated in this event when we lived in Houston and it’s always been a rewarding experience.  Volunteering here in Holland was no different.  In the past, the volunteers for the Dutch sites have mainly worked at schools.  This year, we were working in a common area for a senior living/assisted living facility.


Bushes, plants, flowers, gardens, walkpaths, etc were added to this area.  Everyone worked really hard to make this day very successful!

DSC00406 DSC00369

DSC00371   DSC00396

This bench around this tree was put in by the guys who volunteered

DSC00356   DSC00393

They had this staircase/bridge that had been built for a previous project and was no longer needed.  So it was donated to use as part of their exercise equipment.


The girls were happy to give a helping hand…and Littlest liked to think she was dictating where the flowers were going!

DSC00409   DSC00408

DSC00397   DSC00399

These cherry chairs were a nice touch for both asthetics and functionality.


Even the boss man was working hard!!

DSC00413   DSC00415

DSC00395   DSC00396

And of course there were little gardens with flowers and gnomes complete with a windmill!

DSC00430   DSC00420


Everyone worked really hard and did a fantastic job!!


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