The Food Truck

I love our food truck, and I wish they had these in the states (at least in Texas).  Usually I go to the grocery store at least every other day.  I try not to go everyday if I don’t have to.  But there are times on the days I don’t go, when I inevitably run out of something I need or thought I had enough of.  That’s when I’m grateful for the food truck!


Every Tuesday and Friday evening (and I think in the mornings, but I’m not sure), the food truck comes.  He parks at the end of our street and he’s there for about 10 minutes or so, longer if several people come out to get stuff.  He honks his horn to let you know he’s there.  The girls love getting a little something from his truck.


The man who drives it usually has his daughter with him.  I love talking with them.  They know some English, and I talk to them in my broken Dutch.  We all laugh and it’s always nice to see them.  Plus they have a little bit of everything in there!  It’s fun just to look around!

image   image

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