Day Two Morning: Street Markets and a Stroll

Our first real day started on Sunday.  Luckily it was a day of street markets so we could get some food to stock up on, and see what all the French markets had to offer.  They did not disappoint!  This particular market was located 2 blocks from where we were staying, underneath the train tracks.


Everything you could want or imagine was offered….from the more ordinary (albeit VERY colorful) fruits and veggies….

image  image

image  image

To breads and pastas and cheeses…

image   image

image   image

To seafood ( and so many types of oysters I lost count!)…

image  imageimage  image

To Spices and prepared foods (it was sooooo good!!)…

image   image

image  image

To the less ordinary…feet, ears, snout, tongue, hearts, brains….

image  image  image  image

And if you needed things besides food, they had that too…

image   image  image  image

After we wandered through the market and dropped off our goods back at the apartment, we all went for a stroll through the Paris streets around our neighborhood.  Cafes and shops abound in Paris.

image  image  image

We came upon this beautiful church (but let’s be honest…there really aren’t any UGLY churches in Paris!!).  It was the first time the girls could really see gargoyles in person!

image  image  image  image  image  image  001-DSC00641  002-DSC00643  003-DSC00644

Walking around Paris until it was time for our Notre Dame Tour…

image  image image  image  image    image

Street music is awesome in Paris!!  And the street entertainers were great too!


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