It’s Been a While…

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve made a post.  The girls have both had stomach bugs, at different times, and that pretty much took up most of my time the past couple of weeks!  Both are now much better, so I’m hoping that after catching up on some lost sleep (yeah right) our life will get back to normal.  Of course Thanksgiving is not celebrated here, so honestly I completely forgot it was this week!!  But I hope everyone back home has a great Thanksgiving!

Coming up in the next few weeks the girls will have a Christmas play that they are in.  They have been working hard on their parts!  Oldest will be in one school play with the older kids in her school, and Littlest is in a separate play with the younger kids.  It should be cute!  I had to scrounge up some costumes – Oldest is an elf, and Littlest is a fairy.  I have to put Oldest’s costume together (that might include some light sewing, :^O) and Littlest’s was easy to find stuff for.

And the girls are excited about Sinterklaas!!  More on that soon!



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