It’s All About Gaudi

We went to the magnificent Sagrada Familia which is still being built.  Anotoni Gaudi died before this masterpiece was completed.  It is absolutely gorgeous inside, and unlike anything I had seen before.  The white part of the model in the 3rd picture below are parts of the Basilica STILL TO BE BUILT!!


On the inside, Gaudi had envisioned the pillars representing trees, and the ceiling to be the canopy of the trees.


It had gorgeous stained glass windows that resembled a rainbow.

Beautiful imagery all around.  Even the staircase was a work of art.


This was on a bronze door and it contains the entire text of the Patemoster in Catalan.  And on the 2 sides, in 50 different languages, it says the phrase, “Give us this day our daily bread.”


Underneath the area where Jesus is on the Cross (in an earlier picture) is another church (no longer in use).  It was very eerie to see this beauty all hidden away…

And Gaudi created a school for the children of the workers who were building the Basilica.  It was also very much in Gaudi style.

We also went to the Park Gruell, another famous Gaudi creation.  the views looking down on Barcelona were amazing.


The ceiling was made entirely of mosaic tiles…


We were lucky to have enjoyed beautiful weather the entire week we were there!  Gorgeous view of Barcelona below, with 3 iconic structures: the Torre Agbar on the left, the Sagrada Familia, and the Hotel Arts and Torre Mapfre on the far right.



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