Glass Bottom Boat and Around Chania

We didn’t go on this vacation with any pre-made plans.  We figured we would arrive and see what there was to see, and do things that interested us.  Fortunately for us, there ended up being a lot to see and do! 

We decided to go on a glass bottom boat ride.  We chose Captain Nick’s because his tour had tons of rave reviews on trip advisor.    They told us going out that they hoped we would see some fish, because the currents had been going the wrong direction for several days prior, which had been keeping the fish away. We ended up not seeing big fish, but we were able to see a few cool things, and we had a good time.

There were several kids on board, and each one got a turn at the helm…which of course brought big smiles.

On the way out of the harbor, we saw a sea turtle!  And we got to see some great views of Chania, as well as the White Mountains in the backgroun (called that because they contain a lot of limestone).

The water was still quite chilly for swimming, so the Captain put in a wetsuit shirt when he went in to look for octopus and fish.  Unfortunately he didn’t find those, but did find a conch and sea urchin.

On the way back into the harbor, we were able to get a different view of the Old Venetian Harbor, which was nice.

This is the wall and lighthouse that protects the harbor and its boats.

After we finished the glass bottom boat tour, we decided to walk around Chania for a bit.  It’s so neat because much of this city was bombed heavily during WWII.  You can still see the destruction, but you can also see where they are renovating and revitalizing areas and buildings.  It’s quite neat to see new building on top of the old.  

Then we happened upon a fish pedicure place.  Oldest was fascinated and HAD to try it out!  She ended up going back to this place 3 times during our week long visit!  And we all ended up getting a treatment by the end of the week.  It’s such a WEIRD sensation!  But I must say, our feet were baby-butt soft afterwards!

We decided to find a small beach and hang out.  We weren’t that prepared and the girls swam in their clothes!  Nothing stops a determined kid from swimming in the ocean!

We ended the day with some ice cream and pondering the beauty we had seen that day.

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