Bergen, Norway – On Top of the World!  

Bergen was our next port of call.  The weather was not the best…rainy off and on, and somewhat chilly.  We had another short port day here – only 8:15am – 1:45pm.  So all we had planned for the day was to go up the funicular to Mt. Floien.

This was the view from our balcony – what a beautiful, colorful town!DSC03235

I had booked tickets to go up Mt. Floien via the funicular, and then just had plans to wander around the Bryggen area.  DSC03238

If you look at the red and brown buildings in the middle here, notice that they are under construction.  They put up a cover to aesthetically match the other buildings!  How cool is that?!DSC03240

Other buildings in Bryggen.


These trolls are a big deal in Norway.   You see statues of them everywhere, books on them, calendars made of them, dolls and trinkets of trolls.  This picture sums up what each of my girls thought about the trolls!DSC03248

Again, a McDonalds you don’t see everyday!DSC03251DSC03252


We made our way to Mt. Floien and it was time to go up!  Here’s the view from the top!DSC03258DSC03263DSC03264DSC03265DSC03267

There was a restaurant and gift shop at the top.  DSC03269

There were fabulous woods and walking trails at the top with some great playgrounds for the kids.  Unfortunately while we were up there, it started to rain.  But the girls enjoyed playing in the rain of course!DSC03272DSC03273DSC03274DSC03275DSC03276

No idea how to even begin to pronounce this!DSC03281

There was an area in the woods that had these character statues.  Not sure I would want to come across them at night!DSC03284DSC03285DSC03286DSC03287

We walked back to the look out point and could see a storm rolling in.  This was taken about 30 minutes or so after the above pictures were taken!  So we decided it was time to head back down.DSC03288

Here comes the funicular to take us back down the mountain!DSC03293

Some more sites of the town as we walked back towards the ship.DSC03309DSC03311DSC03312DSC03313DSC03314DSC03315DSC03316DSC03318DSC03319DSC03320DSC03321DSC03322

This colorful buildings in the pictures above have alleyways between them – which is how people get around the shops.  It was really cool!  Everything is made of wood.DSC03242DSC03324DSC03328DSC03330DSC03333DSC03335

The cloak Oldest wanted us to get her as her souvenir…IMG_2846

Versus the Norwegian wool sweater she got as her souvenir!!  IMG_7400


The area of Bryggen looking from the port.DSC03346DSC03344

We boarded the ship and prepared to set sail.  The weather was getting nastier, so we were glad not to be walking around the town in it.  We were able to see more of the area, and the beautiful, colorful homes and buildings that dotted the landscape as we left Bergen.DSC03347DSC03348DSC03349DSC03350DSC03351DSC03357DSC03352DSC03354

Back on board, it was time to look for some characters!!  Littlest found Stitch and asked for his autograph.DSC03362

Then he took her pen and paper and ran away with them!!  DSC03364

He’s such a goofball!!  DSC03367

Littlest also had tickets to see the Frozen princesses – and Olaf was there too!!DSC03369

We happened to be their last pictures for that time period – so we followed them!  It was always fun to run into various characters in different places on board.  You never knew who you might see around the next corner!DSC03375

Remember how I said a storm was brewing in Bergen?  It followed us out to sea.  This was the early beginning of some bad waves that hit ship and made quite a few people really seasick!  Luckily MyMan and I weren’t affected, but both girls felt really terrible.  The picture below was taken when we could still see land behind us.

This was the ONLY time the ENTIRE cruise where waves were an issue.  I was really surprised because I thought the North Sea would offer up some crazier weather.  Perhaps we were lucky, or it was a good time of year.  I know that the passengers who were on the Transatlantic voyage on the Magic from the states to Europe just a few weeks prior had some terrible seas to contend with!

It wasn’t a huge storm by any means, but you could feel the ship rocking from the swells!  It was difficult to walk in a straight line.  But no dinner ware flew from the tables, and no drinks left their glasses – so it could have been MUCH worse!





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