My New Car!

After a lot of paperwork, trips to Townhall, trips to the dealership, and just time passed…we finally were able to bring my new car home!  We picked it out almost 2 weeks ago.

Going in, I only had one stipulation about my new car….it had to be an automatic.  I never really learned to drive a standard.  The few that I did, I managed to tear up the transmission.  So it wasn’t something that I wanted to add to my already ever-growing ‘Must Learn’ list.

That said…everyone here drives manual transmission vehicles.  So finding an automatic transmission vehicle in good condition, with a reasonable price tag was rather a daunting task.  Luckily MyMan started that search for me a week before the girls and I arrived, so he kind of knew what the inventory was.  To break it down, it’s about 800:1 manual vs automatic vehicles.

Actually the car I test drove first ended up being the one we bought.  I test drove it, and liked it well enough.  It’s my toodling-around-town car, so I didn’t need fancy or bells and whistles.  I wanted a 4 door for easier in and out for the girls in the back.  And there needed to be enough room in the back seat for the girls booster seats.  This car fit all those criteria.

It’s a 2011 Susuki Splash with 27,500km on it.  It was priced reasonably.  It has 4 doors.  And enough space for the girls in the back. Check, check, check!

Here she is!  Guess I need a name for her other than, my Bubble car!

image image image image

The girls and I went to IKEA to 1. Have some yummy Swedish meatballs for lunch, and 2. Pick up a few small items I had been wanting.  Here is how big my car is in the parking space!


I have been driving a minivan for the past decade.  Now I am driving a tiny mini car that barely fits booster seats.  It will be an adjustment, but so is everything else while living here in Europe.  I find the key is to embrace things for what they are.  Once you get into that mindset…the stress levels are a lot lower!

2 thoughts on “My New Car!

  1. One step at a time. I’m glad to see you embracing the new life! Keep the post coming and know all of your JLA family are with you always!


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