Sites on the way to school

The first day of school is next Tuesday, Sept. 1st.  The girls will be going to the International School of Breda.  It is about a 15 minute bike ride from our house to the school, which is nice.  This week we have been biking there and back, figuring out the fastest and best routes.  I will post more pics in another post of the houses and other city sites between here and the school.  I just wanted to share a few pics I took yesterday when we made the trek because it was such a nice day.

3 street down from our house is a playground for our neighborhood.  The girls go here often, and they meet other kids who live in the area and have been making friends.  I didn’t realize until recently that there are sheep that graze on this hill.  This hill is a divide and sound barrier to a highway on the other side (you really can hear no noise!!).  But occasionally when I have the windows open, and the sheep are close enough, I hear them baaing and bleating.

image image

On the way to the school, we go through a park-like area and cross a small river.  There are cows and horses all over the area, and the girls love seeing them!

image image

image image
We also go through part of a forest – Mastbos – and I will get pictures of that another day.  We plan on biking to school on the first day – I will be sure to take pics of that too!

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