A Walk Around Mastbos

Bos in Dutch means forest.  Not far from the girls’ school is the Mastbos.  And it’s a beautiful place to go for a walk.

It is getting quite chilly as autumn settles in here in the Netherlands.  The temperatures are chilly, the wind is biting, and the leaves are beginning to change colors.

Today, some of the ladies from the International Women’s Club of Breda went on a photography walk through the Mastbos, and I took some pictures (amateur that I am of photographer!).  I hope you enjoy some of the sites I saw and the pictures I took while on the walk.  Some are the same photo, just from different angles – it was a photography walk after all!  🙂

DSC00511   DSC00512

DSC00516   DSC00517

DSC00519   DSC00520   DSC00521   DSC00523

DSC00530   DSC00531

DSC00524  DSC00533

DSC00525  DSC00526   DSC00528 - Copy

DSC00536  DSC00538 - Copy  DSC00540

DSC00541   DSC00542   DSC00543

DSC00550 - Copy   DSC00551

DSC00552   DSC00555  DSC00554

DSC00556 - Copy   DSC00558  DSC00561  DSC00562 - Copy

DSC00563   DSC00564

DSC00565   DSC00566

DSC00569   DSC00568

DSC00571   DSC00572

DSC00574   DSC00576

DSC00578   DSC00579   DSC00580

DSC00582   DSC00583

DSC00584   DSC00585

DSC00586  DSC00587

DSC00588  DSC00590  DSC00591

DSC00593   DSC00559

DSC00594   DSC00599

And this is a restaurant that is nestled in the middle of the Mastbos…


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