MNAC and Fireworks

When we first saw the view from our apartment, we saw a majestic looking building not too far in the distance.  We were unsure of what this building was until we took the Bus Tour around the city and discovered that it was in fact the Art Museum!  Just below the museum is the Montjuic Magic Fountain, where the fireworks display originated.

We enjoy going to museums, and made plans to come back to this one.  There were many interesting artifacts and the girls enjoyed it too.


There were some amazing views from the front steps of the museum!



And Littlest contemplates the view…


The interior was beautiful!


There were 3 different wings of the museum…each with their own style of art.  Some of these paintings were 1,000 years old!


Same art piece…2 very different pieces of work.

These paintings were originally in castles, and other places.  They were carefully removed, and put into the museum with  walls created around them.



The details in these pieces were AMAZING!!  One of Oldest’s favorites is the first picture of the girl leaning on her leg.

The paintings were so beautiful, detailed, and full of color.




This wasn’t a painting, but rather an art piece consisting completely of mosaic tiles.


This one of Littlest’s favorite pieces.  She said it looked like a head just floating around.


The modern art area also had some wonderful pieces:

On New Year’s Eve, we were able to stay in and watch the fireworks from the safety and comfort of the apartment. We had a fabulous view, and it was a fantastic fireworks show!  I highly recommend Barcelona as a get away destination for anyone!






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