A cool birthday party venue

Littlest was invited to a birthday party from a classmate this weekend.  She was so excited to go!!  I had no clue as to what kind of place the party was to be held.

Turns out it was an indoor/outdoor playground type place that had a bunch of cool different things to do.  She had a blast the entire time!

It was super rainy, so unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to play on the outside equipment, but I did take some pictures of it during a rain lull.  

The indoor playground was large and kept the kids busy!!  The parents are able to sit back and enjoy a Coke or beer while their kids play to their heart’s content.  Just to the left of this picture (where the red stripes awning is) was a playground area for smaller children (say <4 years old).

There was an upstairs area (I took the above pic from up there).  Up here was the creative play space!  They had an area where kids could take real wood and build a creation of their imagination with real nails and hammers!!  Littlest loved this and wanted to build something.  She ended up building a box.  All I did was get the nails started.


I was interested to note that while there were employees working, they did not have any stationed at any one particular place.  Some kids were up in the upstairs part unsupervised. A few parents were there helping out the smaller ones.  And the things I really noticed were….the kids got along and were polite to each other.  They took turns waiting for tools they needed.  The floor was surprisingly clean of wood pieces and nails!  It was a really nice thing to witness.


And of course there was an area to paint your creation once you finished building it! 

There was another area dedicated to arts and crafts made of paper and the like. As well as the front of a house, and I’m not sure what that was for as no one was playing there.  

To the left of the house structure was an area that contained large Legos to be constructed.

Of course this worked up an appetite, and it was time to eat!!  A Dutch birthday party wouldn’t be complete without frietes with mayonnaise, pannenkoeken, and some bitterballen!!  Yum! 

Might think about having a small party for the girls for their birthdays….guess I’d better get on that soon!!

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