Carriages, Markets, & Segways

After a full day of touring up in the mountains, we decided to have a more leisurely day around Chania.  The girls wanted to go on a horse drawn carriage ride around town.  It was a nice way to sit back and relax and see the city.

The archecture in Chania is so interesting.  You can easily see how old some of the buildings are.  And the evidence of destruction from WWII is obvious as well.  The most interesting ones for me were the buildings that had been destroyed, and instead of tearing it completely down…they just built on top of the destruction and integrated into the new building.

After the carriage ride, we decided to walk around some of the markets.  It was difficult not to get sucked into all the various shops!  The shop owners were all nice, and not too pushy to buy their stuff.  They were helpful and patient when we had questions about their products.  It made the experience of walking through the market alleys so much more pleasant!!

There was a big hill in town that you could walk to the top and have great views of the town.

And of course, I had to get selfies with my girls!

After walking around the markets, we had worked up an appetite.  It was hard to pick a restaurant because there were tons of cafes and open air restaurants to choose from.  

We ended up choosing an unassuming place.  I loved the flowers hanging overhead!

Once you entered through the doors….there was a dramatic change, and I realized it was just a shell of an old bombed out building!  It was so cool!  And the food was good too.

After a good lunch, the girls wanted to go back to the fish spa again!!  

Across from the fish spa place was a pretty church, so we stopped in.  It was interesting on the inside because almost everything was silver, instead of gold – which we had typically been seeing in European cathedrals.  But it was lovely inside.

That evening, MyMan had signed us up for a Segway tour!  It had been years since I had been on a Segway…I forgot how fun they are!  Littlest was too little to ride on one by herself, but Oldest was able to…and she was SOOO excited about that!  They lowered the handle bars so they were a more appropriate height for her.

And Littlest thought it she was cool too!

Littlest rode on the Tour Guide’s Segway.  We toured around parts of Chania that we hadn’t seen yet.  

It was a cool tour, and the guide loved the girls.  It was fun to see parts of the town that we wouldn’t have otherwise seen.  It had been a fun filled, active day!

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