The Lighthouse and Wall

The old Venetian Harbor is protected by an ancient rock wall and lighthouse.  It’s a long walk around the Harbor past all the shops, and then down the wall to get to the lighthouse.  But the views are beautiful of Chania’s Old a town, the surrounds hills and mountains, and of the ocean.

The water is so clear, but still quite chilly in early May.

Walking on top of the wall, it’s easy to see how much it protects the Harbor from the open ocean.

Made it to the lighthouse, but it was locked up and we couldn’t go inside.

So we all just sat in the wall enjoying the view for a while!

On the walk back, there were some kids in the harbor learning how to sail their boats!  They were about Oldest’s age.

Because it was a gorgeous day, we decided to have lunch with a a view.

We only had one more day in Chania before heading back home.  So we enjoyed the harbor views as long as we could!

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