Reykjavik Day 2

After some sleep and a good breakfast on the ship, we headed back out to the city of Reykjavik to find our tour guide for our Mountain Safari ATV tour!!  MyMan and I have ridden ATVs in the past and thoroughly enjoyed it, so I was wanting to be able to share that fun with the girls.

After a short bus ride, we arrived at their base camp.  All the ATVs were 2 seaters, so MyMan and Oldest were on one, and Littlest and I were on one.IMG_7607IMG_7608

Suited UP!IMG_7613

I did not get any pictures of anything along the way.  But these were the views once we made up to the top of the mountain.IMG_7614IMG_7618IMG_7620IMG_7622IMG_3003IMG_7624IMG_7625

After the tour was over, honestly MyMan and I were disappointed in the whole tour.  We stayed on surface roads most of the time, and there just wasn’t much thrill to the whole tour.  Whenever we go back, I would like to do a more vigorous ATV or buggy tour and really get out into the terrain.  This was just too tame for what we have experienced in other places.  But the views were definitely beautiful!

Some more interesting facts about Iceland:

  • It was under Danish rule until 1918, when on December 1st, it became a sovereign country under the Crown of Denmark known as the Kingdom of Iceland.
  • Great Britain invaded Iceland during WWII to prevent Germany from obtaining a stronghold here where it could invade Canada and the US.
  • When Great Britain invaded with 780+ soldiers, they were met with 70 police officers to stop the invasion….This was ALL of the police officers in the ENTIRE COUNTRY.
  • Because WWII brought work for residents – Icelanders refer to World War II as “The Good War.
  • True industry did not begin here until after WWII, before then, it just mainly consisted of small fishing villages.
  • It has only been in the last 30 years or so that Reykjavik has become an a significant player in the global economy.

On our way back, we had the driver drop us off in the city so we could walk around Reykjavik.  We still had several hours before we had to get back on board.  Walking around the town, you can see the newer, more modern architecture.

This is the Harpa Opera House.  The glass is so beautiful to look at.  IMG_3004IMG_7627

Strolling down the street, MyMan spotted an old arcade…so of course we had to go in!  We had to explain to our girls what all the games were and how they operated.  Man that was  a blast from the past!IMG_7638

Thought this was a cool looking coffee shop.IMG_7637

The buildings tended to be quite colorful and had varying architectural designs.IMG_7634IMG_7632IMG_7642IMG_7643IMG_7663

This is the Hallgrímskirkja Cathedral.  The architect took much of his inspiration on the design from lava formations around the island.IMG_7647

This statue stand out in front of the cathedral. It is a gift from the United States to Iceland.IMG_7648IMG_7656

Inside the Cathedral – quite different from all other cathedrals we have seen.  Much more stark with no ornate detailing or paintings.    IMG_7652IMG_7651

It had a huge, gorgeous organ weighing 25 tons!IMG_7654

After leaving the cathedral, we continued walking around the town looking at the sites.IMG_7639IMG_7640IMG_7629IMG_7635

I was very interested to see that they had many murals on their walls throughout the city.  There wasn’t a particular theme to them that I could see, but they were all very intriguing in their own ways.IMG_7633IMG_7661IMG_7657IMG_7662IMG_7664IMG_7665

And, of course, it was always fun trying to figure out how to pronounce their words!IMG_7659

It was time to head back the ship, because after spending 3 fun-filled days full of excitement in Iceland, we all were feeling a little like this…IMG_2991

Thankfully, the next day was a Sea Day so we were all able to relax, rest, and refill our energy levels.

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