Sea Day – It’s All About the Characters!

I had scheduled us to have a character breakfast on our second sea day at 8:30am.  At first the girls didn’t want to go because they were still quite tired from all the Iceland excursions.  I told them they didn’t have to go if they didn’t want to, but at the last minute they both changed their minds, so off we went to meet some characters.

First came Pluto…Pluto

Then Minnie…Minnie

Then Mickey.Mickey

It was interesting because the entire cruise we had had such great experiences with the staff and the characters.  But something was just “off” at this character breakfast, which was disappointing.  It just didn’t feel “magic” like all the the other Disney stuff.  The staff was pushy wanting our order, I had to step out for a few minutes and while I was gone the servers came around with a list of rules that we were supposed to follow related to pictures with the characters.  We didn’t know the particular servers we had that morning, as it wasn’t our normal team.  It just wasn’t all that fun.

When I got back to the table, MyMan told me about what he had experienced and expressed to me (and only me) his disappointment with the whole thing.  We finished our breakfast and went on with our day, putting this breakfast behind us.

At 9:45am I had scheduled a Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique experience for Littlest.  We had done this for Oldest years ago when we visited Walt Disney World.  And I thought Littlest would get a great delight out of the whole thing.

She and I went to her appointment, and she picked out a Rapunzel dress (pink and purple).  She put it on, and then it was time to get into the beauty chair and let the transformation happen!



What is this?!IMG_7705IMG_7712

Ahhhh, that’s what it’s supposed to look like!IMG_7720

Some glittery fingernail polish!IMG_7730

Picking out her eye shadow…she chose a lovely blue.IMG_7731IMG_7735

Picking her lipstick color.IMG_7736IMG_7737

Now for the glittery magic…IMG_7747IMG_7757

And for a final touch – a lovely necklace!IMG_7759IMG_7760

She was finally able to look in the mirror and see herself!  I think she likes what she sees!IMG_7766IMG_7776

So, of course after getting all glammed up like a Princess…we HAD to go meet some!

Dressed up as her mini-me!!  Rapunzel!!  IMG_3011

Beautiful Belle…IMG_3012IMG_3013

The lovely Cinderella…IMG_3014

And of course, that fiesty Merida!IMG_3018

While Oldest didn’t want to do the whole dress-up-like-a-princess thing, she did enjoy meeting the Princesses and talking with them.  IMG_7778IMG_7784

She really liked Belle’s dress.  She said she had to “push through it” in order to stand next to her for the picture.IMG_7786IMG_7793

She told me that she liked the way Cinderella talked, and she really liked her voice.IMG_7795IMG_7805IMG_7808

After all of that, both girls wanted to go swimming…so swim they did!  Littlest did a great job not getting her hair wet!IMG_7809IMG_7819

At the end of the day, we went to our normal dinner service rotation.  As we were talking to our table mates, the head server came up to MyMan and discreetly told him that he was aware of the bad service we had received at the character breakfast that morning, and wanted to make up for it.  I have NO IDEA how he found out about that experience.  We didn’t tell any of the servers that morning that we had disliked it, nor were any of our normal servers in the room at the time!

But we all got a free round of drinks on the house, and the kids got special smoothies in souvenir cups.  I thought it was really nice that they wanted to make up for that bad experience.  So it helped complete what started off as a not-so-great morning into a very magical day!

Next port of call is Kirkwall, Scotland!



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