Eating Our Way Through Russian Hill

The next day, our friend had booked us to go on a Food Tour through Russian Hill.  The girls on the trip were excited because we had had a great food tour experience on a girl’s weekend in Montreal, Canada earlier this year.  So we had high expectations.

One thing about San Francisco that everyone knows….it has hills.  I would liken them to mini mountains in some areas.  Seriously – riding in cabs and ubers around this city can be the equivalent of going on a roller coaster!

To meet our food tour guide, we (luckily) had to walk halfway down this hill.  I’ve never been on such a steep road before!  The picture doesn’t do it justice.  I literally felt like I could lightly push on a car, and it would just roll right over.image

But we got to have a great view of Alcatraz while we waited for our guide to show up!IMG_3205

Of course I forgot to get pictures of all the places we went – I think there were 7 stops in all for a 3 hour tour.

Loved their bottle display here.  We just looked in here – didn’t have anything to eat.image

Then we stopped by Swensen’s.  It was the first Ice Cream Shopped in San Francisco, opening in 1948.  They have created more than 180 flavors of ice cream!  Swensen’s was the first national Ice Cream Parlor to serve a premium ice cream that is all natural. image

We did not try anything from Swensen’s but later we did try some gelato…imageimage

The next place we visited was interesting because it was a place that sells two entirely different things.  From the outside it’s not exactly clear what either one of those would be…

Photo of the Birthday Boy…image

Two owners got together to help pay the rent for a restaurant.  So they had

Delicious tacos by day….Nick’s Crispy Tacos…image

And it becomes a bar at night!  How fun is that?!  Can’t say anything about the bar – the but the tacos were really good!!image

MyMan and my Bestie…image

My other Bestie and her hubby.image

Then we stopped by Cheese Plus for a nice variety of cheeses.imageimage

Inside the Cheese Plus, is a little grocery store.  It was quite funny because there was photo of an elderly lady by the champagne.  The caption under her picture said “This is Beatrice.  She steals our Champagne.”  Fun times!image

We finished our tour at the Teaspoon – A place to have some tea!  I did not care for what we had – it was a cucumber concoction.  It was chunky – I don’t care to chew my drinks!  Had it been strained, it would have been better.  Good flavor though.image

I failed to get a picture of the butcher shop we visited.  We all tried bone broth there – which most of our group seriously disliked!!  I found it to be okay – but a little goes a long way.

All in all it was a nice tour.  There were some things that I wish had been a little different.  On a previous food tour in Canada, the food tastings were spread out over the area we were covering, so we walked quite a bit between food locations.  On this tour most of the tastings were grouped together right in the same block or 2, so we didn’t have time to digest much before trying something else.  But everything we did taste was good, at it was a great way to learn a little more about the Russian Hill community in San Francisco!

Later that evening, we walked around the Ghirardelli Square and Chocolate factory.img_8421img_8422

Along our walk we passed by this bakery, which had made all these really cool animal shaped breads!img_8423img_8424

We ended our day with a fabulous dinner at Fisherman’s Wharf which was a fantastic way to end the day of food!img_8422

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