Whitewater Rafting Day 1

The whole point of visiting San Francisco in the first place was our best friend wanted to go whitewater rafting for his birthday.  After a great night’s sleep after our day of food, we all got up early to head 2 hours northeast of San Fran to Auburn, California to set out rafting over the next 2 days.

We drove straight to the campsite where we were to meet our guide for the day.  The first day was scheduled as a Category 2-3 rapids on the American River’s South Fork leg.  Per the Whitewater Connection’s website:

  • CLASS 2 Rapids… Slowly flowing water. Some waves and minor rapids. Very little maneuvering required.
  • CLASS 3 Rapids… Swift current with minor obstacles. Substantial Rapids, maneuvering required. Should not be attempted without an experienced guide. Recommended for beginners and intermediates.

It was a half day trip – so ended up being about 4 hours going about 7 miles.  Whitewater rafting has never been on my must-do list, but MyMan has always wanted to do it.  I agreed to do the first day, as it was a lower Category and only half a day.

I will say that during the first five minutes of rafting, our guide had us do an exercise to get used to the rapids – and I got swept out of the raft (along with one other person).  I’m proud of myself for actually getting back IN the raft at that point – and I’m happy that a photographer wasn’t around!  I inhaled half the river and it wasn’t a fun experience, so you will notice me in the pictures always leaning into the raft and hanging on!!  Hahaha

It was very pretty where we were rafting.  We were unable to take anything that we didn’t want wet or lost – so I left all electronics and cameras behind.  These pictures were taken by a professional photographer along the route.08-12-2016_sfa_tm_wwc_i0002000508-12-2016_sfa_tm_wwc_i00020012

Our guide was from Costa Rica, and he was funny.  He made the whole experience very enjoyable.  08-12-2016_sfa_tm_wwc_i0002001808-12-2016_sfa_tm_wwc_i0002002108-12-2016_sfa_tm_wwc_i0002004608-12-2016_sfa_tm_wwc_i0002004208-12-2016_sfa_tm_wwc_i0002003708-12-2016_sfa_tm_wwc_i0002003808-12-2016_sfa_tm_wwc_i0002003008-12-2016_sfa_tm_wwc_i00020034

After every successful rapid, we all high-5’d with our oars and yelled “HEY JUAN!!” (Sisters movie reference)

It was a great day, even if I did have a rough start.  I was glad I had accomplished whitewater rafting, but was also glad that I had not signed up for the second day.  And after I saw the pics from the Day 2 rapids…I was EXTRA glad I didn’t go!!






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