Whitewater Rafting Day 2

One couple had to fly back home the previous night, so we were down to 3 couples on the trip.  And myself and another wife didn’t go on the second day of rafting, but we had our own fun (more on that later)!

The second day was a lot more intense!  They went on a Class 4-5 rapid on the Middle Fork leg of the American River.

  • CLASS 4 Rapids… Swift current with numerous obstacles and frequent rapids. Constant maneuvering required. DO NOT ATTEMPT without an experienced whitewater guide. Recommended for experienced rafters.
  • CLASS 5 Rapids… Very strong current with many obstacles and long violent rapids. Scouting is mandatory. Expert maneuvering required. Only for experienced, healthy individuals.

There was one section that was a Class 5, where everyone had to get out of the raft and walk down on the embankment, while the guide maneuvered the raft through the rapids.  Then they all got back into the raft.

But you can see the pictures of Day 2’s rapids!  This was an all day trip and they traveled about 18  miles.  They rotated places on the raft throughout the day, so you might see people sitting in different spots on the raft.08-13-2016_mfa_ch_wwc_i0001000408-13-2016_mfa_ch_wwc_i00010007

It’s not as memorable unless someone falls out!08-13-2016_mfa_ch_wwc_i0001000908-13-2016_mfa_ch_wwc_i00010013

Birthday Boy to the rescue!!  I love how the guide is watching like – “You got this covered!”08-13-2016_mfa_ch_wwc_i0001002008-13-2016_mfa_ch_wwc_i0001001908-13-2016_mfa_ch_wwc_i00010025

Whew!!  Back in the raft!08-13-2016_mfa_ch_wwc_i0001003308-13-2016_mfa_tc_wwc_i0001002008-13-2016_mfa_tc_wwc_i0001003908-13-2016_mfa_tc_wwc_i0001002908-13-2016_mfa_tc_wwc_i0001003108-13-2016_mfa_tc_wwc_i0001003508-13-2016_mfa_tc_wwc_i0001004108-13-2016_mfa_tc_wwc_i0001000108-13-2016_mfa_tc_wwc_i0001000708-13-2016_mfa_tc_wwc_i00010015

This Tunnel Chute” is a 90-foot tunnel that was blasted out of the mountain by 18th century gold miners.08-13-2016_mfa_tc_wwc_i00010050

Look at those faces!!!  They loved every minute of it!!08-13-2016_mfa_tc_wwc_i00010049


As they shared an intense whitewater rapids moment, one of the wives and I shared some wine and relaxed at a local vineyard.img_8440

I was along for the ride, and didn’t know anything about the winery.  It was out in the countryside, and the day was just beautiful.img_8433img_8430img_8444img_8443img_8431img_8432

The winery itself was super cute, and as it turns out…highly recommended!img_8435img_8438img_8437

The inside was just as cute!img_8439

We decided to do the wine tasting – and there were 17 wines total on the menu! (We spat most of them out after tasting)  After tasting them all, we each found one we liked, ordered a glass and enjoyed the patio for a while. img_8442

The ones on the rafting trip had a day of exhilaration and excitement, while I made a new friend over a nice glass of wine.  It was a great day all around for everyone!

We all drove back to San Francisco that evening.  On the rafting trip, Birthday Boy managed to meet up with someone who was able to get us reservations at House of Prime Rib!!  img_8448

We were all STOKED!  It was the one restaurant we wanted to go to while we were in San Francisco, but it was continually booked and walk up reservations were 3-4 hours wait time.  So by being his friendly self, Birthday Boy talked to a guy who knew someone who gave names to drop – so our wait time was 30 minutes!!  And it was worth the wait! img_8449

Prime rib, mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, and Yorkshire pudding.img_8450

We all went to bed that night exhausted from rafting, bellies full of prime rib, and smiles on our faces!!


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