Ferrara to Venice

MyMan had a business conference in Ferrara, Italy for a few days last week.  He was able to have a tour of the Castello Estence while he was there.  It was dark when they did their tour, so some of the pictures are not as bright.img_0196img_0195img_0179

This is a large replica of the castle that is on display.img_0167

This family tree goes WAYYYY back to the 1200’s!img_0168

This  tapestry is so lifelike!img_0174

Very ornate ceilings.img_0172img_0199

The castle kitchen and ovens.img_0176

Below the castle are the dungeons.  They prisoners kept here were not ordinary criminals – those would have been held in the local jails.  Ones kept here in the dungeons were high-ranking officials, or people who needed special surveillance.img_0193

This is a small doorway leading to the dungeons.img_0185

In this very tall room, they had scaffolds and bunks were many prisoners were held.  The square holes in the walls are where the scaffolds were secured into the wall.  They had ladders for prisoners to get up to the top bunks.img_0191img_0192

These are some messages written by prisoners that still exist.img_0189

There aren’t a whole lot of windows in this castle, but there are some that look out onto the square.  You can see the castle is surrounded by a moat.img_0194img_0198

Back in May of 2012, Italy was hit with a 6.0 earthquake that killed at least 4 people and damaged older buildings and structures, including the castle.  They are working on repairing the damage that was done to the castle, but it is costly and takes time.  They have put paper squares along all the cracks in the walls and ceilings resulting from the earthquake until they are able to make the needed repairs.img_0205img_0206img_0207

After the tour, the team had a beautiful dinner party below the castle! img_0208img_0210img_0218

The conference was over Wednesday afternoon, and MyMan made his way to Venice about an hour and half away, where we were going to meet him for the weekend.  img_0225

Since he got there a couple of days before us, he was able to walk around Dorsoduro (the area where we were staying) and check a few places out for us. img_0232img_0246img_0253img_0254img_0257img_0273img_0271img_0274img_0240img_0259untitledimg_0278img_0283img_0281

He walked a lot, and saw some good museumsimg_0285img_0287img_0288img_0289img_0290

And not so good museums.  img_0247

But he was also able to figure out the whole water taxi transportation situation so he knew how it all worked by the time we got there!

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