Kitzbuehel, Austria – Part 3

So it started snowing, and didn’t stop for 2 days!  It turned everything into a winter wonderland and it was just BEAUTIFUL!  Actually, on this day, we didn’t even leave the hotel except to eat dinner.  We lazed about, read, swam, and napped.  It was an awesome day.IMG_1803IMG_1804IMG_1811IMG_1801IMG_1826

Of course, making a snowman was in order!! IMG_1815IMG_1824IMG_1797

On our way to dinner, we realized just how much it snowed since they had to plow the roads! IMG_0679IMG_0684

The next day everyone wanted to go skiing again, so we geared back up and headed to the slopes.  It was a beautiful day.IMG_1919IMG_1924IMG_1841IMG_1837IMG_1964IMG_1902IMG_1829IMG_1835IMG_1834

Kitzbuehel is known for world class ski racing.  It was cool because this was a poster inside the ski lodge that showed the ski slopes where the races take place in late January.IMG_1831

And this was the same ski slope that they were starting to groom to be ready for the races in a few weeks’ time.IMG_1832

Later that day, we walked through the town again and decided to go up the mountain in a gondola.  It’s hard to tell from the photo, but this gondola lift went almost straight up!  I had never seen such a steep ascent before!IMG_1660IMG_1854

But the views were beyond amazing!IMG_1897IMG_1900

It was EXTREMELY cold that day, and we weren’t dressed warmly enough to stay for long, so we decided to go back down and come back the next day.  This was the lodge at the top. IMG_1883IMG_1884

It was really all white up on top of that mountain, and I could understand where the term “snow blindness” comes from!IMG_0699IMG_1929IMG_0703IMG_1936

A ski lift on a different mountain.IMG_1938

There was another lodge further down the walking trail where we stopped for a bite to eat and to get warm.IMG_0690

Just look at those trees!IMG_1941

Time to head back.  It had been a good walk…IMG_0693IMG_1942

But Littlest had reach her limit!!IMG_0701

Ahhh, much better in a warm pub warming up and sipping on some juice!IMG_1957

Our last day was wrapped up by seeing more snowfall and heading to the train station to make our way back home.  IMG_0525IMG_0528IMG_1989IMG_1991IMG_0711

Littlest was a little tired on the trip home!IMG_2012

We couldn’t end the trip without some hug mugs of beer at Munich airport!IMG_2013

It had been a very memorable and fantastic ski trip!  No one got hurt, the girls got to see more snow than they have in their entire lives, and it was just magical.  Would love to go back to Kitzbuehel in the summer time and enjoy some hiking in the Alps!!






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