Skiing in Kizbuehel, Austria – Part 1

MyMan had one request regarding our travel plans as long as we lived in Europe…to go skiing in the Alps at some point.  So this past January – his wish was granted!

I had to figure out where we should go…Because around here, people go skiing in France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, and Austria.  I didn’t have a clue where to go, so after asking various people, and searching around on the internet (yeah Google!) – I settled on Kitzbuehel, Austria.

We flew into Munich, Germany and had some lunch in the airport.  We decided to try the typical Germany fare…and it was very tasty.  MyMan had the sausage and pretzel, and I had pork and sauerkraut.

Once in Munich, we transferred to a train for the rest of the trip, which is a great way to travel and see the sites along the way.  It hadn’t actually snowed yet in Kitzbuehel, and MyMan actually wanted to cancel our trip a couple of days before we left.  But since that really wasn’t feasible financially, we just decided to go anyway because we hadn’t been to Austria yet, and we knew we would enjoy ourselves regardless.

On the train leaving Munich, we did see some snow and ice.  It made things look very black and white (this photo isn’t filtered!). IMG_0630

Then we got into Austria, and we began to see the mountains.  It was a little disappointing only because it didn’t look like a snowy January!  But the scenery was beautiful none-the-less!IMG_1570

We finally made it to Kitzbuehel, and the train station was about a 7 minute walk from the hotel.  It was a nice walk along the way. IMG_1581

We stayed in a wonderful boutique hotel called Hotel ErikaIMG_1692

I would stay here again in a heartbeat!  The owners are present, and the hotel is very small and quaint.  It has a very old-world charm about it.  It’s convenient to city center – about a 10 minute walk, and they also provide a complimentary bus shuttle service to town, or any place else you might want to go.  IMG_1746IMG_1731IMG_1743IMG_1735IMG_1734

Check out the old school key for our room!  No key cards here!IMG_1695

It had great places to sit and enjoy the scenery, or read.IMG_1987IMG_1702IMG_1701

And our room had a wonderful set up for a family. We had the main room, and the girls had their own separate room that was full of windows!IMG_1582IMG_1583

Speaking windows – the views were breathtaking from our room!! IMG_0632IMG_1592IMG_0634

And it had a great little restaurant in the hotel that served good food.  And we knew we were in a small hotel, because every morning, we would find our name on our table.  After the second morning of being there (we were there for a week), the staff knew what we wanted to drink in the mornings before we even asked!IMG_1656

This hotel has 2 indoor swimming pools.  They also have an outdoor spring pool for the summertime.  They had an exercise room, a solarium, a spa (yes we did get massages!!), and a playground.  Those 3 white lounge chairs were in the pool area, and they were awesome because they had a little hole in the bottom of the seat where you could drip dry and the water would drain away, and they were heated!

After getting set up in the room, we walked to town center to check out the sites, and sign the girls up for ski school and have some dinner.  Kitzbuehel is a lovely little town with some great shops, colorful buildings, and friendly people.  The food we had while we were there was delicious as well.  IMG_1688IMG_1683IMG_1744IMG_0639

One coat of many colors!IMG_0636

We knew there would be snow on the mountain because it’s manmade from snow machines, so wasn’t worried about not being able to ski the next day.  That night as we went to bed, it started to snow a little.  We were hopeful that the weather forecast was right in that it would be falling over the next couple of days.  We all went to sleep dreaming of wintery weather that night.



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