A Fun Day Out!

We decided to go to the movies to see Jungle Book.  In the Netherlands they play movies in their native language, and put in Dutch subtitles, so luckily we get to see English speaking movies!  The movie was really good and the girls enjoyed it.

The theater is nice and has a great concession area that has pretty much any kind of snack you might want.  Candy? Check.  Popcorn?  Check.  Ice cream?  Check. Beer? Check.


We’ve always been big movie-goers, and the theater has a membership option where you pay a monthly fee and you can see as many movies as you want, you get a discount with concessions, you get nice glasses for 3D movies, have access to IMAX movies, etc.  so we decided to get memberships!  It’s nice that the movie theater is about a 15 minute bike ride from the house too!

After the movie we biked our way to a food truck festival that’s going on this weekend.  Lots a variety of foods, and everything we tried was delicious!  Wish the weather was a little warmer, but at least it wasn’t raining!

At any festival, there has to be glitter tattoos and facepainting!!


And then there’s the food!

 This place had kangaroo sandwiches and fried crocodile!  Both were tasty, but we went with the kangaroo sandwich!  It was so tender!

This was a taco food truck.  We didn’t try this one, but loved the name!  Are we talking about tacos here?!?These are some other trucks that looked good, but we didn’t try them this time.

 This was a Turkish food truck.  More like Turkish  tent!

Had a beer along the way.
 This truck had really good hot dogs.  We ended up having to make a second round to this one for the girls.  Tasted as close to an American hot dog as we’ve tried so far.   Got the name of the type of meat they used, so will be on the hunt for them! Introduced the girls to some churros…they were hot and tasty. We watched the guy make our order!


But the ultimate winner was….MILF.   Yes, MILF.   Stands for Man, I Love Fish!!  We also had to make a second round to this because their fish sandwich was so tasty Littlest begged and pleaded to go back for more!  And she was right, it was a damn good sandwich!!

Once we fully stuffed ourselves we biked home for a bit.  We had made reservations to go bowling earlier in the day, so when it was time, we all hopped in the car and made our way to the bowling alley.  My phone ended up dying as soon as we got there, so I don’t have anymore pictures for the rest of the evening.  But bowling we a lot of fun, and they girls really enjoyed themselves!
Then we decided to use our new movie passes to go see Kung Fu Panda 3 with the girls.  It was an okay movie…about like the first 2.  I was surprised by how many adults (sans kids) and older teens I saw in the theater.  I’m guessing that was because we were in a later movie.

We finished up our fun day out by trying a Chinese buffet place next to the movie theater.  Wasn’t really our first choice, but it was late, and we were all hungry and tired and just wanted to eat!  Lucky for us, it turned out to be pretty good!  It was a nice way to end our eventful fun day out.

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