A Nature Walk

We are lucky to be acquainted with several international people in our little village.  It’s really nice because once a month or so, we try to get together and do something fun, like dinners, walks, bike rides, etc.  This activity was a walk around Bavel and ending at a local restaurant for some drinks.

It was the end of February when we did this walk, and it was still cold, but a lovely day.  The sun was shining, and there wasn’t much wind.

The Netherlands is incredibly flat – probably why so many people are willing to ride bikes everywhere!  And there are canals everywhere.  Much of the land here is BELOW sea level, so they use the windmills to pump water out and create more land.  Some areas of the Netherlands are almost 7 meters below sea level….that’s ~23 feet!  But as you can see – water canals are abundant.


And there are quite a few trees here as well.  There are several areas that are forests.  Those forests and all the trees have been planted by previous generations.  They sure make for beautiful tree-lined roads!


And bicycle paths are ever so prevalent here!  It makes for easy bike riding most everywhere.  The bike paths are almost as wide as the roads!


Our little village of Bavel is surrounded by farm land.  I love the rural setting!


In town, you mainly see apartments and row houses.  This is a pretty typical Dutch house out in the country.   I love these country houses!


We finally finished our walk and arrived at Van Ouds restaurant.  They were setting up for a party inside, so we all went to the outside patio to enjoy our refreshments.


We had a lovely afternoon walk and I enjoyed meeting some new friends!  Can’t wait to see what’s in store for next time!


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