Kirkwall, Scotland – The Best Send Off Ever!

We arrived in Kirkwall, Scotland and had a port time of 9:15am – 5:45pm.  We did not have any port excursions planned for the day, and the girls wanted to stay on the ship again.  So MyMan and I walked around the town by ourselves.   DSC03645DSC03707DSC03716


After we wandered around the town a bit, we came across St. Magnus Cathedral.  DSC03711

It had a beautiful cemetery surrounding the cathedral 3 sides.  DSC03648DSC03651DSC03655

Some of the headstones were sooo old, you couldn’t make out what was written on them.  Others, like this one were still in great condition!DSC03656

MyMan and I wondered why such an expensive headstone was given to someone who had such little written about him.


Once we finished wandering through the cemetery, we went into the Cathedral.  It was beautiful!DSC03692DSC03694DSC03700DSC03701DSC03698DSC03696DSC03697DSC03693DSC03702

Across the street from the Cathedral are the Bishop’s and Earl’s palaces (well, what’s left of them!).DSC03668DSC03670DSC03669IMG_7847IMG_7851

Wandering the halls of the palace, wondering how this place could every be warm and inviting!!DSC03674IMG_7852

We came across the kitchen, which was very large.  IMG_7853

The fireplace was huge!  DSC03672

This was MyMan looking up the chimney flew.DSC03673

Across the street from the Earl’s Palace was the Bishop’s Palace.  It was in quite a ruined state.DSC03667DSC03671DSC03666DSC03677DSC03681DSC03684

After we toured the palaces, we were hungry and stopped into the Kirkwall Hotel for a bite to eat.IMG_7872IMG_7876

Here’s what we ordered…it was all pretty tasty.  I had a haggis burger, and I really like my dark ale beer.IMG_7877

We headed back to the ship to check on the girls.  After we found them, we were out on our balcony and noticed a large gathering of people down on the dock. It turns out that the residents of Kirkwall come to the port and some of their performers gave us the most wonderful send off!!

This entire performance lasted for a good 10-15 minutes!  It started with bagpipes…IMG_7888

Then there were dancers.  It was such a magnificent show!  Definitely the best part of our Kirkwall experience!DSC03723 (1)DSC03729 (1)DSC03730 (1)DSC03734 (1)IMG_7902IMG_7910

Once the show was over, the girls wanted to go play around on the ship, and MyMan and I wanted to rest our feet a bit and relax and read.  No better place to do that than up in the adult area of the ship with this view!IMG_7884

Later that afternoon was the Frozen Deck Party.  We missed the very beginning of it because MyMan and I had some spa appointments that cut into the beginning of the show.  I thought that the Party started later than it did.

Even though they missed the beginning – the girls were up for some dancing!IMG_7921IMG_7928

And finally – a picture of all of us together!!IMG_7930

One more stop in Scotland….next up, Invergordon!!


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